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Landro and Football

Landro play analyzer is a presentation device used to study game videos. Designed especially for coaches, it allows you to instantly jump to plays without ever using video tape again. This powerful digital software allows coaches to analyze their plays, study players' techniques and their opponents' tendencies... quickly and easily.

"Landro played a significant role in taking us to our first championship in more than twenty years. The amazing thing is the amount of quality video the players are actually watching on their own. Before Landro they weren't interested - tape was too hard to use, too boring. Using Landro makes them more involved."
- Head Coach John Luckhardt, California University of PA

Landro play analyzer will help you create a smarter football program by analyzing the exact plays you and your players need to study, without dealing with the miserable hassles of videotape. With Landro, you can find and analyze all of your third downs, or all of your defensive plays, in less than a second! Never again will you have to fast-forward and rewind and search through hours of tape. Press one button and BAM you're there!

"In the past we'd go to a meeting and watch video tape cutups... with the Landro, there's no tape and you can randomly access video in your meetings... it is much quicker..."
- Coach Dean Paul, Ohio Northern University

Landro can find noteworthy plays from any game in any season that you have recorded and tagged... which has an added benefit when your season is done. This same powerful access lets you pull together a set of highlight plays from throughout your season in just minutes. Then create a highlight DVD on your computer, and Landro becomes a fantastic tool for getting your players noticed by recruiters!

"We've signed six this past year... We've gotten film out on every kid that's needed it, and it's within minutes..."
- Coach Kevin Pettis, Pacelli High School

Hundreds of high school and college football programs agree: Landro is the leading play analyzer!

Watch our one-minute video: Introducing Landro
For individual use, you can purchase single copies of Landro play analyzer. For quantity discounts, or for school packages, contact Landro Sales to arrange a call, or send e-mail to

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