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Industry-leading play analysis
Stop Action
Freeze the action (without the tearing on a VCR)... or slowly step frame by frame to see every detail.
Jump to plays
Move to the next or previous play, instantly, with one key... or pick the play you want from a list. It's like the chapters on a DVD... except each one is video you care about!
Instant Replay
Start a play over again with one key. The more you play it, the more the lesson sinks in.
Adaptive Replay
If you move ahead or back within the play to a certain spot, Landro uses that as the replay point until you're done with that play.
If you have the same event captured with different camera angles, both with the same plays tagged, Landro can display the event with the different camera angles intercut.
Tag your plays
Mark just the sections of video you care about, for instant access later.
Mark highlight plays
Mark a play as a highlight with just one key, and then you can watch just your highlight plays
Mark player highlights
For sports programs, associate players (by jersey number) with the plays where they excel. At the end of the season, instantly retrieve individual highlights - a great recruitment aid!
Catalog your plays
Mark additional information about your plays to break them down into categories and groups.
Customize your play catalog
Easily set up any fields and choices you want for cataloging your plays.
Automatic Analysis
Landro's Analysis Center™ automatically indexes your plays by catalog information. Watch all plays... all highlights... or all plays having the same catalog choice in any field. No searches or queries required!
Quick Entry tagging
Mark your plays and basic catalog information quickly and easily.
All Fields tagging
Enter detailed catalog entry for every play... as much or as little as you need.
Adjust play start and end points
Manually adjust the exact start time and end time for an existing play to hold just the video you want.
Play Summary reports
Watch groups of related plays from an interactive, printable grid of relationships between catalog fields, such as "situations" versus "responses."
Export play data
Save play data to a standard spreadsheet for further, external analysis of your information.
Live capture
Record digital video into Landro, and optionally tag plays, while your event is happening.
Pre-recorded capture
Record digital video from playback in your camcorder, if your computer wasn't there during the event.
Automatic pause tagging
Recording live or from playback, Landro detects your pauses and marks plays automatically. (Requires a "Mini-DV" camcorder.)
Presentation Cart
Add plays from any videos, in any order, to a "cart" that becomes an instant presentation!
Play videos in Windows Media Player
Landro video files are stored in industry-standard .WMV format for compatibility with Windows Media Player, video editing software and many video exchange services.
Voice control
Speak simple commands to your computer for tagging and playback.

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