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Landro Enterprise Edition Support


Landro Enterprise Edition Documentation

The documentation for Landro Enterprise Edition is presented in online, browsable form.



Frequently Asked Questions
This document lists common questions and answers about the Landro Enterprise Edition system.


User documentation

User's Guide
User documentation for the Landro play analyzer client software.


Overview diagram
Depicts the relationship between the different rooms, and components, in a typical Landro Enterprise Edition installation.

Video Network diagram
Shows the connections on a typical Landro private network.


Installation documentation

Installation Guide
Describes the Landro Enterprise Edition hardware and software installation process.

What IT Needs to Know about Landro Enterprise
Important information about what to expect with Landro, and how it differs from ordinary computer network installations.


Encoder Wiring diagram
Shows different combinations of cameras and encoders, and how each is correctly wired.

Sony Camera Wiring diagram
Landro Enterprise Edition supports optional camera control of the Sony EVI-D100 pan/tilt/zoom camera. These diagrams show how to make the cables for controlling these cameras.


Other documents

Statement of Responsibility
A one-page summary of the responsibilities of a Landro Enterprise customer in order to succeed with this system.

Server Replacement Guide
Describes the process of replacing one of the Landro Enterprise server machines (central, encoder or media server).

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