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Landro Hardware Support


Landro Frequently Asked Questions

This document lists answers to frequently asked questions about Landro hardware systems.


How many games will my Landro store?

Your Landro play analyzer can store up to 100 games on the normal video quality setting.

How many plays can I mark per game?

Your Landro will let you mark up to 250 plays per game.

Can I enter my own information for Play Breakdown?

Yes. Through the Play Book, you can edit any of the breakdown categories using a simple interactive menu.

Do you make a carrying case for my Landro?

No, not any more. We find that the best solution is to purchase a roomy, padded laptop computer carrying case that fits your particular needs. These can be found at just about any computer or electronics store.


How do I connect my Landro?

Just follow our simple step-by-step process for connecting your Landro play analyzer.

What type of cable gives me the best quality recording?

Always use S-Video when possible, as this gives you the best quality recording. If you don't have an S-Video compatible TV or VCR, keep this in mind for your next purchase.

Using Landro

When do I use the keyboard and when do I use the remote control?

The keyboard is used primarily for breaking down your game and performing search functions in preparation for a presentation to the team. The remote provides the coach with a convenient way of presenting to the team without being attached to a piece of equipment. The coach can jump from play to play, pause, rewind, fast forward, and replay while having the freedom to roam about the room. There is also the handy laser pointer built into the remote.

How do I record a new game?

From the Landro main menu, choose "Game List", then press the blue "New Game" button on your keyboard. Fill in the new game information. Start your VCR that contains your game tape and press "Start" on the "New Game" screen to begin recording.

Can I break down a game while it is recording?

Yes, while you are recording your game into the Landro you can set and mark plays by using your keyboard. You still have the ability to pause, rewind and fast-forward the video without effecting the recording. Breaking down while recording is optional and depends completely on your preference. Break down while recording or when the recording is complete. You decide what is best for you.

Breaking down a game seems time consuming. Is there any way to speed up the process?

Marking the down, ball on distance and other fields could be a very tedious and time consuming task. That is why the Landro play analyzer has an ingenious feature we call the "play calculator." By using the play calculator, you do not have to set these fields on every play. The play calculator has two ways of being used. One way is when you are breaking down a game that is unmarked with plays, and the other way is when you are breaking down a game that has been already marked with plays. For a game that is not marked, you only need to mark the first play with your information for down, unit, ball on, to go and yards gained. When you press "set" to mark the second play, all your information will automatically up-date. For a game that has already been marked with plays, the play calculator can still be used. While in edit mode, fill in the play information for the first play. Now press the next play button to change to the second play and then press "insert." Pressing insert will up-date the play information. The play calculator is a tremendous time saving feature.

How do I find the plays I want to see? (Play Search)

On the Game List, choose the game that contains the plays you wish to find. Press the Green "Play Search" button on your keyboard to go to the Play Search screen. Use the fields on this screen to narrow your search to find the exact plays you wish to see. You can use just one field or a combination of all the fields to define your search. It is important to understand that you can only search for plays by fields you have marked when breaking down your games. If you do not enter in the information, you will not be able to find the plays during a search.

How do I eliminate the part of the game I don't want and only save my marked plays?

On the Game List, highlight the game and press Enter. Choose "Play List" from the dropdown menu to go to the Play List screen. Highlight "Entire List" and press the "Save" button on the keyboard to go to the Save Plays screen. In the "Where" field, choose "Save as New Program." Enter a name for your new program and then choose "Start." When the save is complete, a new game will display on your Game List that contains only the plays from your original game. Be sure to check the new saved program for completeness and accuracy and then you may delete the original game from your Game List.

How do I make a highlight tape?

Before making a highlight tape, be sure you have your VCR connected properly to record from your Landro play analyzer. Perform a Play Search to find the exact plays you want on your highlight tape. On the Play Search screen, press the "Save" button on your keyboard to go to the Save Plays screen. In the "Where" field, choose "Save to Tape." Choose one of the display options for your highlight tape. Begin your VCR recording and then choose "Start" on the Landro Save Plays screen. The Landro will begin a 5 second countdown before showing the plays on screen.

How do I make a tape without the displays on the screen?

If you prefer to make a highlight tape without the displays, you may record the plays by choosing to view the plays full screen instead of saving the plays to tape. On the search results list, simply highlight "Entire List" and press Enter to begin showing the plays full screen. Make sure your VCR is recording before pressing Enter to show the plays. Your VCR will record whatever signal the play analyzer is showing on your television.

How do I delete a play?

During breakdown, highlight the play you wish to delete and press the "Delete" key on the keyboard. The Landro will ask you to confirm the deletion. Choose "Yes" to confirm the deletion. You may also delete a play from the Play List by following a similar procedure. Highlight the play on the play list you wish to delete and press the "Delete" key on the keyboard. Confirm the deletion and the play is erased.

How do I delete a game?

On the Game List highlight the game you wish to delete. Press the "Delete" key on your keyboard. The Landro will ask you to confirm the deletion. Choose "Yes" to confirm the deletion.

How do I back up my games?

In order to back up games, you must have a USB external hard drive connected to the Landro play analyzer by any of the USB connections. On the Game List, highlight the game you wish to back up and press "Save" on your keyboard to go to the USB File Backup screen. In the "Action" field, choose "Backup Game to USB." Then choose "Backup" to begin the process.

How do I know how much game recording space I have left?

There is a % full indicator right above the preview window in the upper right corner of the Game List, Game Search and Play List screens.


Which Landro do I have?

We have sold Landro hardware in two different "series" of products. In order for us to support your Landro, it is often important to know which Landro you have.

Landro 1000 / 1500 Series - Our original Landro units came in a 17" wide, shiny blue box. The power switch is either a round metal button on the front toward the left side, or else a switch on the back. (Due to the obsolesence of key components, we can no longer repair these units; however, they may qualify for a trade-in allowance toward Landro software. Contact us at Landro technical support to learn more.)

Landro 2100 / 3100 / 5000 Series - Our later Landro units come in a compact blue box less than 12" wide. A small door in the front opens to access a pair of USB connectors. The power switch is a thin rectangular button toward the right side.

What does the lock icon mean in some of my fields?

The lock icon indicates that the field cannot be changed from it's current status or is "locked." For example, if you are saving to a tape, you cannot name the file. The name applies only if you are saving as a new program.

When I try to record a new game I keep seeing "No Source" in my preview window. Why can't I see my source?

The Landro play analyzer has several recording inputs. You must "tell" the Landro which input you are recording into from your VCR or camera. On the New Game screen, choose "Setup" to go to the "New Game Setup" screen. Choose the source that matches the input of the Landro that your VCR is connected to. For example, if you are using the RCA inputs in the rear of the Landro, choose "Rear in." If you are using the S-Video connection, choose S-Video. Once you have selected the proper source, you should see your source displayed in the preview window. Make sure your VCR is on to send a signal. Choose "Save" to save your source setting and return to the New Game screen.

I know my games contain the breakdown information but I still do not have the plays show up in my search results. Why?

A play search will only find the plays that were marked with the information during a game breakdown. If you didn't mark the plays with the information, you will not be able to search for them. It is possible that you marked the plays from the opposite team's perspective. This is most obvious if you are seeing only your away games. The breakdown screen defaults to the away team's perspective. When you enter the play information make sure the correct team is highlighted at the top of the screen. You can change the perspective by pressing the green "Team" button.

Why can't I save my plays to a new program?

While you can save plays to a new program from a single game, the Landro play analyzer cannot save plays to a new program from multiple games. A play search that has results from multiple games can only be saved to tape.

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