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Landro Hardware Support


Landro Hardware Downloads

Landro IMF to MPEG Converter - 7/1/2005
This is an unsupported utility to convert your Landro game video to MPEG-2 video files. IMFtoMPG.exe - 164KB

Landro Player Software - 10/14/2005
This is the full install for the final version of the Landro Player PC software, for playing back video files from Landro hardware on their PC(s). Simply download and run the setup program.
LandroPlayerSetup_2100.exe (football) - 35MB
LandroPlayerSetup_3000.exe (basketball) - 35MB
LandroPlayerSetup_5000.exe (education) - 35MB
Note that activation of this software requires the serial number included with your original disc; if you don't have this, please contact Technical Support for assistance.

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