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Landro Web Workshop Sign-up

If you are interested in attending one of our weekly web sessions for training and information about Landro play analyzer, please fill in the information below so that we can include you!

Workshop sessions typically last about 45 minutes. A Landro representative can present the basics of using Landro, right on your web browser, as well as answer your questions during the session. Topics in the presentation typically include:

  • 1. Overview: how you can benefit from studying digital video 100 times faster than other methods
  • 2. What is Play Analysis?
  • 3. Why Play Analysis?
  • 4. How Landro works
  • 5. What you will need to get started
  • 6. Examples of video taken from Landro
  • 7. Budget and pricing
  • 8. Free downloads on everything you need to get up and running in just a few hours
  • 9. Question and Answer session
Your name:
Your school or company:
* Your e-mail address:
* Your phone number:
* Preferred session: Landro for sports video (team sports, individual technique):
Landro for education (school training programs):
All times are in Eastern Standard Time.

Note: If our free workshop sessions don't fit your schedule or your needs, you may wish to purchase a private web training session.

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